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A poor miner's son who dreams of doing something great with his life, as well as maybe owning a skateboard. His past plans to design a miniature plastic Jurassic Park, or building an anti-gravity machine didn't pan out, but he continues to have high hopes for himself. He also hopes to avoid working in the mine that his father and forefathers have done for many generations. Vince has really big feet, which means he has big shoes to fill. Even if they're his own.

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Born with completely natural foot-flair and style. A once in a generation-type footskater. With a bit of practice and mentorship, Vince might be the chosen one.



The loosest cannon on the ship. Loaded with many hair-brained schemes and initiatives, but lacking focus and possibly the talent to be successful. He brings power and misguided advice to the team. He also drives a party bus, so that's pretty cool.

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Besides great physical strength and quickly spent endurance, his lack of predictability is an essential asset at the skate park. He has a hunger for success and for sweet things.



An opinionated local lifeguard with an acute case of hypochondria and insomnia. Once he was old enough to fend for himself, his family moved to Port Elizabeth - to get away from him. He became a lifeguard as it was a profession that gave him maximum control over people, with minimum qualifications.

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Being anal retentive, he is always tense and ready for action. He's also committed to preparation, which makes him helpful when scheduling practice.



Daughter of a mining foreman and part-time witch. She first met Vince, our main character, when she was in nursery school. She has quietly loved him ever since. Being a non-evil witch started out as a hobby, but grew into her persona. She spends time making Vince gifts, daydreaming and planning her wedding, which she wants to have in a cave on the beach.

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Being a witch, she quite possibly has supernatural powers. They just need to be fine-tuned.



A lonely and heartbroken drifter who has turned to the bottle after a devastating case of heartbreak. He longs for the strong arms of a loving woman and to find a family of sorts. Even if they happen to be a footskating team.

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A drunken master and a welcome addition to the unpredictable stylists in the team. His unique style is a beautiful thing to behold, when he shows up that is.



An enigma wrapped in a riddle and sprinkled with nuts. Salvatore left the old country of Italy, and came to South Africa by boat - he was greeted by the wondrous site of Port Elizabeth. Over the years this wildly artistic man has grown more eccentric from the comfort of his home. He spends most of his time watching old movies, analyzing old 8mm footage of his past ballet performances and laughing at the 'News in 60 seconds' for reasons no one would understand.

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Trained in the most passive of martial arts: ballet. A purist and a life student of movement. His unconventional guidance is his greatest asset to the team.