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Music in the Movie

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Click on a track to listen to a 30 second radio quality sample:

Diesel WhoresGirls For Satan
DriverlaneRegular Flavour
Diesel WhoresThe Fear
FuzigishSecret Police
Wouter Van Der VenterBeste Vriende
KallitzKallitz Innie Plek
The BangBallad Of The Lemon man
Farryl PurkissVincey
FuzigishStep Back
Old MolSalmonanimosity
City Bowl MixersRaincoat
FokofpolisiekarTygerberg Vliegtuig
FokofpolisiekarAs Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand
FokofpolisiekarHemel Op Die Platteland
Diesel WhoresJungle Song
The Privates International BandSpanish Salad
MemoCome out and Play
FuzigishThere's got to be a better way
The HellphonesStealing The Feeling
Half PriceCrack Of Dawn Too
Taxi ViolenceWaking Up
FuzigishI'm Sure I'm Not Supposed To Be Here
Scarlet BoxEBG
FuzigishLittle Bird
FuzigishMr Mean Man
Taxi ViolenceThe Mess
OdisselblomVoete Van Johannesburg
The Privates International BandPink Flamingos