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Footskater of the Month

Upload your footskating video to YouTube and then email us the link, and we'll feature it on our Web site. You can include a short caption (less than 20 words) when you email us your YouTube link. At the end of every month we will tally up the votes and announce a winner. One great footskater each month will win a wicked sick cool extreme prize.

August 2007 - Justin Pinington and Nick Reitz

More videos here, here and here.

July 2007 - Driaan Louw, Jaco Louw, Werner Muller and Jasper Visser

November 2006 - Saxton Randall

Mazeltov to our first submission for footskater of the month. And yes, that is Tony Hawk somewhere in the photo, who is rumoured to be a closet footskater.